Monday, April 17, 2006
Ikatan Antara Kita
whoaa best best.. makin bertambah populace M kat RP!! (:


faces surfaced. smiles flashed. not a moment long and paths immediately parted.



you know & very well realise tt we do share something in common. a bond real deep which immediately binded us strongly inside even before knowing one another better!

Takkan melayu hilang di dunia. Terlalu cliché mungkin? Ahh yes. But don't you just feel glad somehow when your eyes suddenly manage to catch sight of someone just the same as you?

Smiles in sigh. They exist in bliss too. =)


truly, most of us here in MCG experience such moments.. but what do we do next?

simply leave and ignore tt fact?

Nope, we respond to them! bringing it on to the next level! 'cos we realize just how much they really mean.. if given the right nurture to those delicate sentiments, oooh it could just spark off an intense attachment between us!

so.. from Subtle >> Intermediate >> hopefully Akrab!!

wouldn't it be super niceee having a 2nd family right here in RP!

And a Very BiG one at that yeah? :D

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