Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Jom gerakkan ACAP!
not only does MCG act as a platform for us to actively engage in our sub-IGs, but it's also somewhere we could all be together! Indeed the past semesters have been more colorful with all the various events organised, from the Iftar during Ramadhan to Open House and lots more..!

and... MCG members would also be notified of any out-of-campus majlis organised by other organizations and get to be part of their xciting programmes! Definitely Lots of exposure and widens your circle of friends too. The current AMP-NUS reading circle sessions and last year's Camp ITQAN Ittihadul Qulub are definitely part of the noteworthy memorable ones (pics below) with other Polytechnics' respective Malay Cultural & Muslim Student Societies' groups. Get in touch, Get connected to a larger sphere! =)

hopefully with more joining in, we could gear up our creative ideas and work out those muscles in volunteering and humanitarian efforts activities this year aite. or perhaps kick start a lineup of our very own?? insyaAllah, we shall make our life fruitful not only at our personal level, but to make it beneficial for others as well! Who knows this might be just the right place where you could shine~ (:

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what's up with the Title u might ask?

ahaa.. it's something we can define as: the Active Conservation Awareness Program!

Our roots- we won't be pulled into pieces if we hold on to them. Belief and Culture: Herein lies part of our integral identity yeh. "Tahu, Faham & Prihatin akan Akar Kita!"

Jom kita gerakkan nadi ACAP sama2!

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